Partial Highlight

Brighten and Lighten

Partial highlights are a popular hair coloring technique that involves applying color to specific sections of your hair, rather than the entire head. This service typically focuses on the top and front sections of your hair, adding depth, dimension, and lightness to your overall look.

Partial highlights are perfect for those who want a subtle, natural-looking color enhancement. They can be used to frame the face, draw attention to certain features, or add a sun-kissed effect. Because they don't cover the entire head, partial highlights offer a more understated look compared to full highlights, and they require less time and maintenance.

Our expert colorists at Onda Salon will work with you to select the perfect shade for your highlights, taking into consideration your base color, skin tone, and desired result. The highlights will then be strategically placed to create a beautiful, multi-dimensional effect.

Whether you're new to hair color, looking for a low-maintenance option, or simply want to add a touch of brightness to your look, partial highlights are a versatile and stylish choice."