Brightening and lightening all or specific areas of the hair this service can include a gloss but for dimensional color please book one of our Custom Color Sessions

Blonding is a hair coloring process that transforms your hair to various shades of blonde. From honey and caramel to platinum and sandy, the spectrum of blonde is vast and versatile, offering a shade to flatter every skin tone.

The blonding process involves lightening your hair using Oligo Blacklight Lighteners. Depending on your natural hair color and the shade of blonde you desire, this could involve a single process or multiple sessions to achieve the desired level of lightness while maintaining the health and integrity of your hair.

Whether you're after a subtle sun-kissed look, dramatic icy blonde, or a multi-dimensional blend of warm and cool tones, our blonding services can be customized to create your perfect blonde.

Blonding requires regular maintenance, including root touch-ups, toning to neutralize unwanted brassiness, and deep conditioning treatments to keep your blonde looking vibrant and your hair feeling healthy.